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Cinema in a Box

To be able to educate children in hard to reach areas i developed the ‘cinema in a box’ system. The system is equipped with a video projector, an audio system and a media player, all in a rugged box. 25… Lees verder →

MAS Antwerp

Right in the old harbor of Antwerp is the MAS, an impressive museum at the river Maas. In collaboration with Ars longa and Live Media (be) i developed a visual masterpiece to create a 360 degree experience of the harbor…. Lees verder →

Jheronimus Bosch

This animation ‘Judgement day’ was made for the Jheronimus Bosch Museum in Den Bosch, the birthplace of this famous dutch painter. Watch animation:  

Visitor center Ameland

The Dutch Island of Ameland has has been enriched with a new attraction on sustainability. The new Knowledge & Information Centre reflects on questions about nature, landscape and environment. Kominski developed a stunning 360 animation film that is being shown… Lees verder →

Peter Zegveld

Between 1998 and 2009 i was responsible for the visual components (e.g. animations, projections, interactive media) of various theatre shows, exhibitions and installations by Peter Zegveld. The theater show ‘Waarvoor is dat Knopje’ (what does this button do?) was made… Lees verder →

Northern Farming Museum

Kominski developed all the audio visual presentations for the ‘Frieslandbouw Museum’. This is a museum about the farming culture in the Northern parts of The Netherlands. The exhibition was produced by Ars Longa. Watch a clip:

The Witch Museum Oudewater

I Co-directed and produced all the audio visual presentations for this famous dutch museum about the prosecution and execution of witches in Oudewater, a small village in Holland. Watch a clip:

The history of Almere

As part of the visitor centre in Almere, a new city in the Netherlands, i created this historical animation. The animation was made with the newly available 2,5d animation technique in After FX. Watch the animation:

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