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De Belhamel

De Belhamel is een innovatief call center voor ouderen door ouderen om de algemene kwaliteit van leven van onze klanten te verbeteren. De Belhamel levert persoonlijke assistentie (PA) voor mensen die zelfstandig wonen, faciliteert op buurtniveau diensten & services, verwijst… Continue Reading →


Neverbeen offers travellers unique private accommodation in developing countries. Neverbeen is a Dutch- Sri Lankan company with a social mission: to provide local homeowners access to the shared online travel market. Neverbeen currently offers over 100 unique locations in Sri… Continue Reading →


Harver creates online tools for discovering and developing talents and competencies. Harver plays a facilitating role in enabling companies to attract the best people, develop their talents, motivate them and to optimise growth. Harver has offices in 4 countries and… Continue Reading →

Cinema in a Box

To be able to educate children in hard to reach areas i developed the ‘cinema in a box’ system. The system is equipped with a video projector, an audio system and a media player, all in a rugged box. 25… Continue Reading →

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