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Olympic games 2012

For the Olympic games 2012 Kominski developed a application to compare yourself to a olympic athlete. We adapted a personality test to give a validated insight to the user.

KiKA Commercial

Sometimes you get the opportunity to make a cinema commercial with old friends and contribute to a good cause. Watch commercial:

Volkswagen Polo

For the promotion of the new Volkswagen Polo has Kominski developed a game “Grab the Polo. A new polo was equipped with cameras and GPS systems. On a website visitor could watch the Polo and see where the Polo was…. Lees verder →


In September 2009 Vodafone released a online campaign, called Upgrade a Stranger. Random couples on the street where secretly filmed and streamed live to the campaign website. Visitor of the site had 2 minutes two choose which one of the… Lees verder →


UbachsWisbrun/JWT developed the very first interactive test drive to promote the brand new BMW 3-series. Via a dedicated micro-site one can follow two BMW’s live via webcam and via a map that provides you with the exact GPS location…. Lees verder →

Tendence Watch

For the introduction of a new and ‘sexy’ swiss watch a revolutionary 3d animation was made. I co directed and produced the commercial with Saskia Pouw. The 3d animation was done by Andre Bergs. The commercial was also used for… Lees verder →

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