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‘Shares’ was a cutting edge online community with technology for empowering investors to exchange opinions about the stock-market. Members had the opportunity to join investor groups, read the latest news, write columns and exchange opinions in a well-designed and user-friendly… Lees verder →

Peter Zegveld

Between 1998 and 2009 i was responsible for the visual components (e.g. animations, projections, interactive media) of various theatre shows, exhibitions and installations by Peter Zegveld. The theater show ‘Waarvoor is dat Knopje’ (what does this button do?) was made… Lees verder →


UbachsWisbrun/JWT developed the very first interactive test drive to promote the brand new BMW 3-series. Via a dedicated micro-site one can follow two BMW’s live via webcam and via a map that provides you with the exact GPS location…. Lees verder →

Direct in Secondlife

DNBmedia produced the first life show on TMF (music TV channel) with famous dutch band Direct. We motion captured all the band members and made their avatars in Secondlife. The concert was broadcasted life both on television as in Secondlife…. Lees verder →

Jetix Commercial

This commercial was produced for Jetix to promote the ‘Totally Spies’ and ‘Jin Jang Yo’  stamp collection. Watch this commercial:

College Hotel 3d simulation

The 3-D Hotel is a copy of the real ‘College Hotel’ in Amsterdam. Students were trained in this hotel to become hospitality professionals. This 3-D environment was used to familiarise students with real life situations. The simulation featured various scenarios… Lees verder →

Second Life

At the high times of second Life the biggest community in europe was ‘0031’, the dutch enclave in Second life. We created 0031 for the many dutch users and for our corporate clients. It was the beginning of 3d massive… Lees verder →

3d simulation e-card

This 3-D simulation was made to test the new e-card system for the Dutch railway system. In this multiuser 3-D world the users were asked to take a train, change trains and buy tickets. The position / location of all… Lees verder →

Wildebeesten (NET 5)

Wildebeesten (Wild Beasts) is a Dutch travel program produced for broadcast channel NET 5 in which two Dutch celebrities, Bart Veldkamp and Chimène van Oosterhout, compete with each other in a series of challenges in South Africa. The program highlights… Lees verder →

essent 3d game

Players learn to deal with energy and energy saving in particular, in a playful manner. By answering questions, playing mini-games, getting tips and advice annual energy bills can be reduced. This game was made with 3d flash technology.

RTL5 Grenzeloos genieten

Joys of Live (grenzeloos genieten) Cross media TV format made for RTL about the joys of life. In 12 episode 3 countries (Schotland, Spain and South Africa) where visited to explore their local food and drink. Viewers could participate by… Lees verder →


I co founded DNBmedia 2002 as a full service online production company. DNBmedia was servicing various advertising companies and clients with (online) strategy and production for advertisement campaigns, video post-production and animation. Watch the showreel:

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