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As Partner and New Media Consultant a educational video serie ‘English station’ was developed based on the primary school basic English curriculum. The series is shown in post war and remote areas where regular education is not available. Currently the program… Lees verder →

Cinema in a Box

To be able to educate children in hard to reach areas i developed the ‘cinema in a box’ system. The system is equipped with a video projector, an audio system and a media player, all in a rugged box. 25… Lees verder →

Randstad Graduates

The world’s second largest job agency, Randstad, was looking for a new way to recruit young, talented graduates. Together with Kominski they developed a new concept for online testing of new candidates’ skills and intelligence. These test results can be… Lees verder →

Randstad instore

For Dutch multinational HR firm ‘Randstad‘ Kominski developed an interactive store display facility. Kominski placed iPads in the pilot store in the city of Den Bosch on which the visitors could browse through vacancies, test there competences and gather information…. Lees verder →

MAS Antwerp

Right in the old harbor of Antwerp is the MAS, an impressive museum at the river Maas. In collaboration with Ars longa and Live Media (be) i developed a visual masterpiece to create a 360 degree experience of the harbor…. Lees verder →

Olympic games 2012

For the Olympic games 2012 Kominski developed a application to compare yourself to a olympic athlete. We adapted a personality test to give a validated insight to the user.

Randstad annual report

Kominski designed and build the 2012 randstad (online) annual report. This year the annual report was published online with a download options in PDF format. The CMS was done by Tangelo

Volkswagen Polo

For the promotion of the new Volkswagen Polo has Kominski developed a game “Grab the Polo. A new polo was equipped with cameras and GPS systems. On a website visitor could watch the Polo and see where the Polo was…. Lees verder →

Guca Trumpet festival

A preview of the coveted Golden Trumpet festival in Gûca, Serbia. This year (2010) it will be a 10 day veritable orgy of music and madness to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the festival. there’s still time, try not to… Lees verder →

Sesame Street Game

Play Hide and seek in 3d Sesame Street. This game was made for NPS national broadcast. They produced sesame street in the Netherlands. House of secrets was responsible for the 3d elements. 

Blue Planet

Make Sense TV develops educational programs for third world countries and (former) conflict areas. In collaboration with Kominski an educational children’s series about water was created. This series is now broadcast on Sri Lankan TV and teaches thousands of children… Lees verder →

Visitor center Ameland

The Dutch Island of Ameland has has been enriched with a new attraction on sustainability. The new Knowledge & Information Centre reflects on questions about nature, landscape and environment. Kominski developed a stunning 360 animation film that is being shown… Lees verder →

Peter Zegveld

Between 1998 and 2009 i was responsible for the visual components (e.g. animations, projections, interactive media) of various theatre shows, exhibitions and installations by Peter Zegveld. The theater show ‘Waarvoor is dat Knopje’ (what does this button do?) was made… Lees verder →


In September 2009 Vodafone released a online campaign, called Upgrade a Stranger. Random couples on the street where secretly filmed and streamed live to the campaign website. Visitor of the site had 2 minutes two choose which one of the… Lees verder →


UbachsWisbrun/JWT developed the very first interactive test drive to promote the brand new BMW 3-series. Via a dedicated micro-site one can follow two BMW’s live via webcam and via a map that provides you with the exact GPS location…. Lees verder →

Jetix Commercial

This commercial was produced for Jetix to promote the ‘Totally Spies’ and ‘Jin Jang Yo’  stamp collection. Watch this commercial:

College Hotel 3d simulation

The 3-D Hotel is a copy of the real ‘College Hotel’ in Amsterdam. Students were trained in this hotel to become hospitality professionals. This 3-D environment was used to familiarise students with real life situations. The simulation featured various scenarios… Lees verder →

Second Life

At the high times of second Life the biggest community in europe was ‘0031’, the dutch enclave in Second life. We created 0031 for the many dutch users and for our corporate clients. It was the beginning of 3d massive… Lees verder →

3d simulation e-card

This 3-D simulation was made to test the new e-card system for the Dutch railway system. In this multiuser 3-D world the users were asked to take a train, change trains and buy tickets. The position / location of all… Lees verder →

Wildebeesten (NET 5)

Wildebeesten (Wild Beasts) is a Dutch travel program produced for broadcast channel NET 5 in which two Dutch celebrities, Bart Veldkamp and Chimène van Oosterhout, compete with each other in a series of challenges in South Africa. The program highlights… Lees verder →

Tendence Watch

For the introduction of a new and ‘sexy’ swiss watch a revolutionary 3d animation was made. I co directed and produced the commercial with Saskia Pouw. The 3d animation was done by Andre Bergs. The commercial was also used for… Lees verder →

essent 3d game

Players learn to deal with energy and energy saving in particular, in a playful manner. By answering questions, playing mini-games, getting tips and advice annual energy bills can be reduced. This game was made with 3d flash technology.

RTL5 Grenzeloos genieten

Joys of Live (grenzeloos genieten) Cross media TV format made for RTL about the joys of life. In 12 episode 3 countries (Schotland, Spain and South Africa) where visited to explore their local food and drink. Viewers could participate by… Lees verder →

Peter Pontiac

Peter Pontiac (1951-2015) is one of the most influential cartoonists of the 20th century. I worked with him on several projects to animate his work. This short was made for a documentary about his complicated life. Watch ‘Elvis’

Global Euro Introduction

When the euro was introduced I was asked to produce the animations for the global introduction. For this occasion we build a special animation studio in the high security facility of the money printer in the city of Haarlem. The… Lees verder →

VPRO, Zooeys dreams

This emotional documentary was made for VPRO television and directed by Boudewijn Koole. Zooeys dreams were animated using charcoal drawings  made by Mandy Geuskens. Watch a clip:

Zwarte Inkt (Black ink)

Black Ink is a documentary about the famous Dutch writer Wim Hofman. He won many prestigious prices for his writing and illustration. Some of these illustrations were used to make animations for this documentary. Black ink is directed by W.J.A. Kluijfhout… Lees verder →

Otrivin Commercial

A 2d animated TV commercial for Otrivin. This animation of ‘Vintje the mouse’ is a classic hand drawn animation. The commercial was used for a national TV campaign. Watch the commercial:

Konijn (Rabbit)

Studio C produced and animated this 20 episode 2d animated series for VPRO television. Directed by Peter Zegveld and Dick Hauser. The series was made with classic cell animation technique and it took about 1,5 year to complete. Watch an episode:… Lees verder →

Bastian Music clips

More Bastian Music Video’s Created by: Sandder, Mark van Booren, Simon Claessen, Bas Bron and Myself. Watch ‘Love is incredible’ Watch ‘Paper love’ Watch ‘Anything’

NRA (videoclip)

This video was made for the Dutch punk band NRA. The drawings were made by Peter Pontiac and Roel Smit. Watch this video:

Bastian – you’ve got my love

For some the best Dutch music video ever made. I was responsible for the production and editing. The video is directed by Sandder. Watch the video:

VPRO – Achterwerk artiest

De Achterwerk Artiest (The back of the magazine artist) is a 30 episode animation series about childeren talking about their drawings. The drawings were animated with the voice over of the featured child. ‘De Boef’ is part of one episode…. Lees verder →

Studio C

I co founded Studio C in 1996 as an animation production studio. I got my first big contract with VPRO television to produce a 30 episode animated TV series for children. In the next few years, till 2003, Studio C… Lees verder →

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