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Studio C

Peter Zegveld

Between 1998 and 2009 i was responsible for the visual components (e.g. animations, projections, interactive media) of various theatre shows, exhibitions and installations by Peter Zegveld. The theater show ‘Waarvoor is dat Knopje’ (what does this button do?) was made… Lees verder →

Castle Loevestein

Castle Loevestein is famous for the miraculous escape of Hugo de Groot in 1621 in a bookcase. I directed and created this mixed media 3d animation. The exhibition was produced by Ars Longa. Watch the animation:

The history of Almere

As part of the visitor centre in Almere, a new city in the Netherlands, i created this historical animation. The animation was made with the newly available 2,5d animation technique in After FX. Watch the animation:

Peter Pontiac

Peter Pontiac (1951-2015) is one of the most influential cartoonists of the 20th century. I worked with him on several projects to animate his work. This short was made for a documentary about his complicated life. Watch ‘Elvis’

Global Euro Introduction

When the euro was introduced I was asked to produce the animations for the global introduction. For this occasion we build a special animation studio in the high security facility of the money printer in the city of Haarlem. The… Lees verder →

VPRO, Zooeys dreams

This emotional documentary was made for VPRO television and directed by Boudewijn Koole. Zooeys dreams were animated using charcoal drawings  made by Mandy Geuskens. Watch a clip:

Zwarte Inkt (Black ink)

Black Ink is a documentary about the famous Dutch writer Wim Hofman. He won many prestigious prices for his writing and illustration. Some of these illustrations were used to make animations for this documentary. Black ink is directed by W.J.A. Kluijfhout… Lees verder →

Otrivin Commercial

A 2d animated TV commercial for Otrivin. This animation of ‘Vintje the mouse’ is a classic hand drawn animation. The commercial was used for a national TV campaign. Watch the commercial:

smart car TV commercial

This commercial was made for the facelift of the first generation smart car. The commercial was directed by Ton Kersten. Watch the commercial:

On Air

This is a pilot for a animated series about a radio station. Watch Pilot:

Konijn (Rabbit)

Studio C produced and animated this 20 episode 2d animated series for VPRO television. Directed by Peter Zegveld and Dick Hauser. The series was made with classic cell animation technique and it took about 1,5 year to complete. Watch an episode:… Lees verder →

NRA (videoclip)

This video was made for the Dutch punk band NRA. The drawings were made by Peter Pontiac and Roel Smit. Watch this video:

De Kliek

De Kliek (the posse) was an animated series based on the adventures of 4 characters in the Spaarndammerbuurt in Amsterdam, The Spaarndammerbuurt Kliek. The Spaarndammerbuurt Kliek was later renamed and became a legendary dutch hip hop band…… The characters are… Lees verder →

Bastian – you’ve got my love

For some the best Dutch music video ever made. I was responsible for the production and editing. The video is directed by Sandder. Watch the video:

VPRO – Achterwerk artiest

De Achterwerk Artiest (The back of the magazine artist) is a 30 episode animation series about childeren talking about their drawings. The drawings were animated with the voice over of the featured child. ‘De Boef’ is part of one episode…. Lees verder →

Studio C

I co founded Studio C in 1996 as an animation production studio. I got my first big contract with VPRO television to produce a 30 episode animated TV series for children. In the next few years, till 2003, Studio C… Lees verder →

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